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SFTA's Mission is to create information that is useful to the region. Below is a sample of the breadth and extent of the request for data and analysis that has been received by the research team to date.

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Data Requested


Freight Strategy and Planning: WSDOT Truck frequencies and volumes on selected corridors. Supplement reports, presentations and freight policy plans.
Specific truck frequencies near Toppenish, WA. Address private citizen concerns regarding freight traffic and safety issues.
Planning and Data: WSDOT All data collected from the 1994 EWITS study and 2002 SFTA. WSDOT Planning and Data office is developing a planning data depository where multiple types of data would be stored.
City of Reardan Frequency of freight traffic moving through Reardan, WA. The data was utilized to compare and contrast changes in freight flows, by vehicle type and commodity, between 1994 and 2002 for the town of Reardan, WA.
East Region Project Definition Engineer: WSDOT All Origin and Destination data from 1994 and 2002. The data was being utilized to help develop and design a process for sighting future weigh-stations and weigh-in-motion locations based upon freight vehicle frequencies, truck type, commodity, etc.
Puget Sound Regional Council All Origin and Destination data from 1994 and 2002. The data was utilized to validate truck travel demand models used by the MPO's.
Spokane Consulting Firm Truck frequencies from the O-D data for all freight traffic starting, ending or passing through Lind, WA. The consultants were hired by the City of Lind, WA to profile changing freight truck travel through Lind, WA.
U.S. DOT Freight movement for selected cities, including Seattle-Portland, Canada-Portland, and Canada-Seattle. The information aided "The West Coast Corridor System" Phase I report, funded as part of the Borders and Corridors budget of USDOT. The analysis and data was used to confirm and in some cases to establish levels of freight activity within the corridor system.
Benton-Franklin Council of Governments Information related to freight movements in the Tri-Cities Region. Data utilized to aid RPO's and MPO's planning efforts.
Washington Wheat Commission Database of Eastern Washington Grain Elevator Survey Data was utilized to evaluate industry changes and shifts over the last 10 years.
Transportation Ministry,Seoul, Korea EWITS and SFTA questionnaire design and survey implementation. Information was utilized to help in the development of freight collection approaches for Seoul, Korea.
ODOT Methodology and questionnaire types Information is utilized to develop an urban and metropolitan freight data collection technique.
Cambridge Systematics Identification of data needs for transportation modeling. Development of survey design and sample frame for Port of Portland.



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